T.A.I. also provides premium aged  hardwood firewood sales!!!

FREE Shipping & Stacking with any order of one or more full cords of wood


Full Cord (Bush Cord)-- 4'x4'x8' of STACKED Wood = 128sq Ft

Face Cord-- 4'x8' of STACKED Wood= 42.6 sq Ft.

Firewood is cut to a standard length of 16''

Don't be fooled by some other firewood producers selling  by "The Truckload". Truck beds come in various sizes from regular, longbed and vary some from fullsize to compact trucks. In most cases a truck bed is around 1/3 of a cord and your paying full cord prices!!!  ALWAYS look for producers using MO. Dept. of Agriculture approved units of measurements

**Always make sure dealer specifies if firewood comes split**

All T.AI. firewood come split at no addtional cost unless specified not to.

Full Cord------------------------------ $210.00 (Free Delivery, Splitting & Stacking)

Two or More Cords--- $ 200.00 Per Cord

Face Cord--------------------------------$ 120.00 (Free Spitting) Delievery & Stack Avaliable

*Smaller increments of firewood avalaible upon request. Please contact customer service representative for your custom quote.  Delivery & Stacking avalaible

Contact us by phone at (816) 286-0641 or use the contact form below to order today!!


Free Shipping only for residence of KC Metro Area, Outside delivery avaliable at additional cost.