Land Management

In addtion to our fresh produce & firewood sales T.A.I also provides various landscaping, gardening and tree managment services to residential, commercial, rural and municipal customers.

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Lawn Care & Maintenance:

T.A.I.'s lawn care crew is second to none! T.A.I. has years of experince in lawn care techniques to get your yard looking great!

Yearly contract price quotes are avalaible too and can save you $$$$! Contact customer serivce for additional details.

All prices included below are based on a standard 1/4 acre residential city lot. If you have additional land or commerical property please contact our customer service for your custom quote. (816) 286-0641 or use the contact for at the bottom of the page.

-Basic Lawn Care Package:

Our Basic Lawn Care Package includes an all inclusive finish mowing cut of your front and rear yard.  -------------------------------------- $ 40.00 per visit

-Plus Lawn Care Package:

Our Plus Lawn Care Package includes all services included in basic package with the addition of string trimming (weedeating) of front & rear yard and power blow cleaning of ALL driveways, decks, sidewalks ect. ---$ 50.00 per visit

-Premium Lawn Care Package:

Our Premium Lawn Care Package includes all services provided in Basic & Plus packages with the addition of yard debris cleanup of ALL sticks, leaves, small tree branches ect. Small gardening and landscaping jobs (<1hr) and gutter cleanouts.

                                                                                ------ $ 80.00 per visit

Gutter Cleanouts

Gutter Cleanouts can be ordered seperately for $40.00 on most residential homes

Tree Management:

Do you have an ugly tree that needs to be gone? Maybe a nice front or backyard tree that's grown a bit too far over your house? Or even a tree that needs to come down but can't just simply be cut down due to a tight or dangerous location?

If you said yes to any or all, then T.A.I.'s got the solution for you!

T.A.I. has a full staff of certified arborists to help you with whatever your tree problems may be. From simple tree trimming tasks to the most technical top-down tree removals T.A.I. will get the job done! With our dedicated team of experts there is no tree too big or tall for T.A.I.

Each tree job is vastly different with a variety of complex challenges that needs to be professionally assessed. T.A.I. always offers FREE onsite, no obligation estimates.  Give us a call at (816) 286-0641 or use the contact form at the bottom to schedule your professional asssessment today.

** Residential & Commerical emergency response avaliable too! Contact Customer Service 24/7 for emergency tree maintenance**

Garden Construction & Maintenance

Have you ever dreamed of walking out to your back yard and picking fresh fruits or vegetables whenever you needed them?

Call the agriculture professionals at T.A.I. to make your dream happen!

T.A.I. is the KC Metro area's specialist in home garden construction. Our construction services range from modest plots only occupying a few square feet of yard space to the king of vegetable gardens with many different varities of any produce you chose or anything in between!

As always T.A.I. offers FREE, no obligation professional onsite assesements and estimates for all of your gardening needs.

No Spare Time? NO PROBLEM!!!

We also provide garden maintenance packges ranging from monthly feeding and organic pesticides to full service packages that require NO work from you except going to garden and picking your fresh produce!

We also provide tiller work, soil preperation,  plant feedings, organic pesticide application and much more. Chances are if it has to to with garden maintenance T.A.I. has you covered with the services you need!

Give us a call at (816) 286-0641 or use the contact form below to schedule your professional assessment today!

 Landscaping Construction & Maintenance

T. A.I. is also an industry leader in residential and commercial landscaping construction  and maintenance. From natural rock planters to concrete retaining walls T.A.I. has got you covered when it comes to your lanscaping needs.  So if your home or office could use a bit of spurcing up with a new planter full of flowers and shrubs, maybe a nice  miniature pond, natural rock decoration or anything else you can dream up contact T.A.I. today for free, on site professional assessment and estimate!

Rural Land Management Services

 T.A.I. also offers a wide variety of rural land management services including rotary cutting (Brush Hogging), Discing, Tilling, Cutting and/or baling hay, trash, dirt, brush, rock & debris haul away, trail construction & maintenance, service road & bridge construction and maintaince and much more. If you have a task around the farm you think T.A.I. can help with give our customer service a call at                             (816) 286-0641 or use the contact form below.


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